The 1000 PETALS Story


Part therapy, Part Meditation, Part Transcendence, and all the Relaxation . . .

A Heartfelt Welcome. Discover the Genius within you. Open & heal your heart to connectedness, utilise your body as a Yantra as a vehicle to drive force of purpose within you as you awaken to the fullness of your being, also grounded in your prime gifts the interweaving of the mysteries that will begin to slowly unfold. 

We as a 1000PETALS committed team will help you to review your life’s work, work on your radiance & discover your hidden gifts together. 

If you have chosen to explore this website then you’re already a person with more than just ideal curiosity & are now ready to move & discover the deepest transformations you long for.

Tread the path to travel from a Finite Mind to an Infinite Mind. We introduce you to age-old tools & new science backed techniques with full facts as to how the human mind, body, spirit works in syncing chemistry which is put together to help discover your higher soul purpose. We invite you to a journey to self discovery with revealing moments & pure contemplation to open & unfold your truest human potential.   

The name 1000 PETALS was inspired by the Sahasrara chakra which is the thousand petaled Lotus, the infinite centre of time & space, beyond human logic, it brings to us to align us to wisdom of our our own self & the infinite experience of life itself. Here is where the self realization & the samadhi begins to transform the self.

Moving towards cutting edge scientific technologies and age old traditional methods of meditations, we are a unique space with a convergence of state of the art facilitators for your every need to experience freedom from your bondages & limitations that pull you down to transcend you into becoming a truly limitless Human being.

There used to be a time, when the outside noise was not hurting us too much… We were connected to nature, had more time for self reflection, the state of samadhi was within our reach. Meditation was easy… The times changed…

We have become more & more bombarded with information.. we became busy in the mind, our connection with the true nature of reality diminished… more & more Illusions (maya) bridled us. Simple techniques of Yantra, Tantra, Mantra disappeared.

As dedicated spaces for the evolution of human consciousness, Our work with you is hand-held through the transformation of mind body & spirit. Altering your thinking feeling evolving state we guide you to Evolve, Ascend & Elevate.

India’s first mindfulness-based cognitive centre with Sensory Deprivation Tanks & Lucia N0.3 Light Meditation, Bio-Energy Analysis, Yoga Classes, Active & Passive Meditations, Events & more. We also offer immersive courses tailor-made for your experience of Self Realisation & Inner Transformation over tailor made durations.

”If you come to a fork in the road, take it.“ – Yogi Berra 

“Peel off the masks we wear on ourselves & understand the true nature of your Reality”. 

Created around these tools like the Sensory Deprivation Tank, Lucia N03 Light Therapy, Bio Feild Energy Analysis Camera, Offline & Online Meditations we have custom tailor made course personalised options & solutions available for you from single experiences to tailor made courses.

Connect with us, we would love to hear from you!

We are now offering free online consultations

book 1 free assesment 30MIN duration for yourself with our head facilitators
write to us 1000petalsindia@gmail.com

Feel Free to ask any questions you have in mind at 1000petalsindia@gmail.com / Connect with us on + 91 9686844770

To get more information on this transformational tool that science gifts us, visit here on http://www.1000petals.in or call us Mumbai, Delhi NCR, Bangalore. 

We are always here to help you Evolve, Ascend, Elevate.

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